Dream Gifts

One of the great gifts offered to us by the inner landscape is the tapestry of stories the dreamtime brings to us each day. No dream is too short or too plain to be experienced in a felt sense. A single image can spark the imagination, invite curiosity, illuminate what has been hidden, or drop us to our knees with its honesty. The dreamtime allows us to be in our wholeness. When we dream, we enter the land of all possibilities. One night we are lost at sea on a life raft, and the next we show up at the party in a clown suit. Another night we might be running for our lives from a shadowy figure, while the next we find ourselves dancing in a warehouse with a complete stranger. Dream stories give us ample opportunity to try on multiple ways of being while providing us with psyche's message which always strives toward equilibrium, healing and wholeness.

Some dreams can feel like a gut-punch. You awaken in a sweat, feeling bad and not wanting to remember the dream story. As hard as it is to bear it, recalling the dream is important and trying to forget is a true mistake, for dreams such as these, many of which might be called nightmares, are messages to you from the unconscious. The dreamtime doesn't mess around. It doesn't tiptoe through your mind with niceties, making sure you are okay with the images and stories it provides. Bam! The dream may be raw, wild, sweet, slimy, confusing, inspiring, disheartening, challenging, instructive, mysterious, and hilarious. Psyche doesn't really care much about analysis. To pin it down, to package it up and put it on the shelf, to be too definitive with the meaning of a dream is to rob it of it's multi-faceted potentiality. The dreamtime asks us to ponder, to wonder, to try on different meanings, to look at paradox and contradiction. Tapestries are not always orderly. They weave and wind with overlays and undertones. Allow the dream to unfold and inform you so that it can transform you.