A Place for Healing

What you seek is seeking you.
— Rumi

Welcome to my website and psychotherapy practice! I offer individual psychotherapy sessions for young, midlife, and elderly adults, as well as  couples.

Distress and discontent are often the catalyst for counseling and psychotherapy. I work with people who are seeking self-discovery and wholeness which is often embarked upon at difficult times in life. These hardships might include: a sense of feeling lost or empty, depression, illness, or feeling  pressured to meet the needs of other people, grief and loss, feelings of being stuck, spiritual crisis, relationship concerns, changes related to aging, creative blocks, identity confusion, or free-floating anxiety. These symptoms are often the psyche's way of getting one's attention so that healing can begin. 

People often recognize they may need guidance when their relationships are in conflict or begin to break down. In these instances, having someone to talk to about communication, personal values, intimacy, and old patterns that can show up in present relationships can be extremely helpful. Other times the need to reach out comes with the pain of saying good-bye or letting go of someone, some place, or something dear to them. Processing grief is a natural response to change and loss, which can be a focus of therapy.

I believe that each person has within them the seeds needed for healing and growth. With the help and guidance of a therapist you can begin to find meaning in your experiences and gain insight into your personal quest toward living a fulfilling, authentic, and beautiful life. I liken this quest to the hero or heroine's journey where new lands are explored and treasure is discovered. I would be honored to join you on your quest.